Corinna Timbers

Corinna Timbers is an iconic Tasmanian sawmill business which is renowned locally and abroad for supplying the highest quality “specialty” Tasmanian timbers. Corinna Timbers has been supplying the boat building, Australian furniture and joinery industry and the local craft industry since the early 1970’s .

Green & Kiln Dried:

We produce and carry stocks of green (unseasoned) and kiln dried of the following.

  • Rough sawn timbers
  • Dressed All Round (DAR) timbers
  • Craft and Slab
  • Flooring (0verlay)
  • V J Lining

The Species Available:

  • Blackwood
  • Tasmanian Oak and Ash
  • Huon Pine
  • Celery Top Pine
  • Sassafras (Golden and Black)
  • Myrtle
  • Macrocarpa
  • Leatherwood